General 2020 Season Information


Practices are mandatory Monday-Friday from 3:20-5:15 PM. Practice duration varies depending on the day and time of season. We will hold optional Saturday practices on Saturdays when we do not have an invitational meet. These practices are from 9 AM-11 AM. We also have optional practice several days over Spring Break.

Athletes should come prepared to practice with the appropriate footwear, jacket, sweats, and water bottle.

If rain is forecasted, Coach Smith will notify athletes/parents through Remind of any practice cancellations. A little sprinkle does not always mean practice is automatically cancelled. I will typically wait until 2:30 PM to officially cancel because of rain. Please always assume there will be practice. I will only cancel if we as a coaching staff decide the conditions make it unsafe to practice. 

Dual Meets:

Most dual meets are held on Thursdays, however, this year we have a few dual meets on Wednesday. Athletes who are competing will be transported by school bus to the meet and must ride the bus back to the school unless a  “Release to Parent from Athletic Contest” form is signed by a parent/guardian, the athletic director, and Coach Smith or Coach Chindlund 24 hours before the meet. Please note, that valid reasons for not riding the bus back from a meet are the need to attend another SMHS school function or a personal emergency. Please do not ask to leave the meet early in order to attend another sporting event. 

For home meets, students are required to stay for the duration of the meet including the post meet team meeting and are only allowed to leave after their assigned event group clean up duties have been completed. 

In dual meets, we are allowed a maximum of four entries for each event per level (JV/V) per gender. We do our best to maximize the number of student-athletes participating in each meet, but realistically, not everyone will get to compete at every meet. Athletes are allowed to compete in a maximum of four events in a single track meet. 

Invitational Meets:

Invitational meets are Saturday meets that require athletes to meet a specific qualifying standard in order to be entered into the meet. Most often, these meets are for our top varsity athletes. Athletes must find their own transportation to and from these meets. Students are asked to be in the stadium at least 90 minutes prior to their first event and may leave after they have cooled down after their final event. We will have a team tent for parents and athletes to use throughout the day.