School Social Worker

Michelle Atkins

Degrees and Certifications:

BA in Human Development
Master's degree in Social Work
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).

Michelle Atkins, LCSW, PPSC
Michelle Atkins, School Social Worker. She has been serving adolescents and transitional aged youth since 1997 through various non-profit organizations and school settings. As a school social worker, Michelle assists students in addressing behaviors impacting school success through individual and group meetings. She supports our inclusive school environment by co-advising multiple clubs at SMHS including NAMI, PBIS, Girl's Empowerment, Homeless Outreach, and the GSA. She is committed to ensuring each Knight is able to meet their fullest potential through developing healthy connections and encouraging school engagement.

What can the School Social Worker help with?
Provide resource information (housing, food, mental health)
Assist in brainstorming ways to manage overwhelming emotions that are impacting school success
Link to mental health and support groups on campus 

How do I set up a meeting with the School Social Worker?
Complete a request form in the Counseling Office

How many times can I see the School Social Worker?
Typically 1-6 times per school year