Attendance Office

To clear an absence call (760) 290-2223 or (760)290-2211.
The answering machine is on 24 hours per day.

To clear an absence, have a student released early or excuse a student for being late call the 24-hour Attendance Office Line: 760-290-2223 or 760-290-2211 and follow the prompts

To clear an absence please call the 24 hour Attendance Line. Please leave a message that includes your :
Student name
Date of absence
 Reason fo
r absence
Name of person calling in the absence     
Your relationship to student
Please leave a contact phone number that the attendance office clerk may contact you during the day.

  • All absences not cleared by a doctor's note or parent phone call to the Attendance Office within 72 hours can be considered truant and the student can be assigned Saturday School. Once a student has arrived at school, single period absences cannot be excused by a parent/guardian.
  • All students are expected to be in class for final exams and state testing. There will be no Off Campus or Early Release Passes delivered to students during first and second semester finals.  Thank you for your cooperation. 
  • Off Campus Passes will not be issued 20 minutes before end of school unless previously arranged. Parent requests for early dismissal or late arrival due to medical appointments and family emergencies will be permitted. The student must obtain an Off Campus Pass from the Attendance Office prior to leaving campus. Failure to do so will result in a Saturday School.
  • Regular attendance and promptness is one of the most important requirements for success in high school. Students preparing themselves for their life work need to regard punctuality and attendance as fundamental for later success. Irregular attendance is a handicap in school and on the job. California State law requires pupils to attend their assigned classes every day school is in session. Education Code 49067 and SMUSD Board Policy 5113 “Absences and Excuses” authorize teachers to assign a failing grade to any student with more than 10 days of unexcused absences in a semester. The school must notify the parent, either by written report or by conference, whenever a student is in danger of failing based on unexcused absences. Any student missing more than 30 days for any one class in a semester, whether excused or unexcused, will not receive credit for that class. All students are expected to be in class for final exams and state testing.