AP Paperwork

  • To offset the lines outside the finance office, students will pay in waves based on class:
         -Seniors will pay 9-13 September
         -Juniors will pay 16-20 September
         -Sophomores and Freshmen will pay 23-27 September

    Students and parents may pay the full cost through the school's Webstore at any time from 9-27 September 2019.


  • Advanced Placement Registration & Fees

    AP Fees will be collected at the cashier's office from 9-27 September.

    Students/Parents may pay online through the SMHS Store until 27 September.

    Fees are $94 per exam.

    Fee waivers are available, please see additional forms below.

    All fee waiver recipients must fill out forms and turn them in to Mr. Zeigler, room 263, before payment.

    Fee waivers recipients must pay for their exams in person at the finance office by 27 September.

  • Inscripción y Tarifas de Exámenes de Colocación Avanzada 

  • Federal fee waiver guidelines

    Please review the guidelines to see if you and your family are qualified.

    Reviews must be made on size of family and income level.

    If your family is qualified, fill out the Student Eligibility Verification form.

    These are federally established income levels and do not represent either SMHS or the College Board.

    All forms are due to Mr. Zeigler (263) before payment.

  • Ingresos del Nivel Federal para Elegibilidad

  • Student Eligibility Verification

    Please review and fill out the waiver form.

    All forms must be completed and returned to Mr. Zeigler (263) before payment.

  • Verificación de Elegibilidad del Estudiante