Policies & Procedures

Visiting the Library

HOURS: M-FRI 7am-4:30pm
FOOD & DRINK are NOT permitted in the library.

When visiting library during class time, students must have a GREEN PASS. Students are not allowed to leave and return while on a pass.

Teachers may send up to five students with a specific assignment on a green pass each period.

Checking Out Library Resources

Students must have a valid SMHS ID card and clear account to check out library resources.

Students may CHECK OUT up to five books at a time (two books on the same topic at a time).

In order to put a book on hold, please fill out an purple hold sheet. Student will be notified by email or a note to the classroom when the book is available.

Books check out for one month; RENEW books for two more weeks, if no one has requested the book.

LATE FEES accrue at 5 cents a day per book; a maximum overdue fine of $5.00 per book applies.

Fines are assessed for DAMAGED BOOKS. Please notify library staff of damage found immediately.

OVERDUE NOTICES are sent out periodically by email, but students are responsible to ensure that books are returned on time.


Fourteen student use computers are available in the library for SCHOOL USE ONLY (this includes e-mail).

Students MUST have a valid SMHS ID with an Internet sticker to use the Internet on campus.

PRINTING - First 5 copies are free. Overage fines will be assessed if students exceed the five page limit.

Misconduct or unauthorized use of computers will result in suspension or loss of library computer use. See SMUSD TECHNOLOGY USE AGREEMENT (parents and students must sign to receive computer privileges).

Computers are heavily used. To avoid losing your hard work, save your work consistently to a flash drive or to your Google drive.


The textbook office is open from 8:15 am - 1:00 pm. If it is closed, please come into the Library for help.

Please bring your SMHS ID card to check out textbooks or novels for classes.

NEW STUDENTS must bring their schedules to the textbook office to get textbooks.

When TRANSFERRING BETWEEN CLASSES, bring the textbook from the class you are dropping to receive textbooks for your new class.

To avoid textbook FINES, cover your books with paper or cloth covers (do not tape covers on to books), return books directly to the textbook office, and treat your books with care. Bring them back to the textbook office within 30 days of issuance if you find any type of damage. All textbooks must be returned in the same condition that they were issued. Any preexisting damages are noted in the back cover of the textbook. Textbook staff will assess fines based upon altered condition of textbooks (fines range from $3.00 for minor repairable damages to the full replacement cost of the textbook).

You are responsible for all textbooks and novels on your account, so stop by the textbook office if you need BARCODE NUMBERS of books checked out to you. Turning in a book with the same title but a different barcode number does not give you credit for turning in a book.

Students may also log in to their Destiny account to check barcode numbers or due dates. In order to log in, use Student ID # for the log in name, and Student's YYYY/MM/DD for the password.

You are responsible to pay for lost, stolen, or damaged books, but if you cannot pay the full amount you may fill out a payment plan and make regular payments throughout the year in order to satisfy your debt.

LOST TEXTBOOKS USUALLY TURN UP. People regularly turn in lost textbooks, so if you lose one, stop by the textbook office, and we can let you know if it has been turned in. If you pay for a lost book and it is found and turned in within one year, we will process a refund and a check will be sent to the home address on file.

Students MUST be clear in both the library and textbook office prior to purchasing tickets for dances. This means that all overdue books MUST be turned in and fines paid to buy a ticket. Additionally, all payment plans must be paid in full.

ID Cards

All students are REQUIRED to carry a current SMHS ID card; this ID card is required at all dances, to check out library and textbooks, and for identification while on campus.

Students are issued a new SMHS ID card annually. The first replacement card is free, after that replacement cost for a new ID card is $10 and can be paid at the Finance Office. The ID camera is located in the Career Center.

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