QUEST Academy

Quest Academy was created to:

  • Challenge educational attitudes
  • Promote student voice
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Encourage active participation in school activities
  • Lead a pathway towards AP classes

Quest teachers incorporate the "hands on" approach. Teachers understand the importance of modelling and scaffolding their instruction. Students are provided with needed supports to assist with academic success. Students write together in their classes and spend time brainstorming and discussing ideas with their peers. Teachers allot class time to help students complete assignments and tasks.

Literacy is the common thread between all Quest classes. Students learn how to make personal and world connections to texts in their Honors English classes. In AP World History class, students learn how to annotate challenging questions and deconstruct prompts. Students also learn how to create arguments and justify their responses in their math classes. In Chemistry, students are taught how to write lab experiments in full, descriptive essays. Lastly, students are taught executive skills like time management, goal planning, and organization in their Personal Development class to help navigate through high school. Indeed, reading, writing, speaking, and cognitive skills are quite apparent throughout all Quest courses.

Outside of Quest, students are exposed to social, educational, and cultural activities. Students attend high conferences, participate in community service (help build leadership skills), and guest speaker visits are embedded in the program.

2017 Quest Pic

Period 1

Period 3

Period 5

9th Grade Quest Teachers

Nicky Scott (Quest Coordinator/ Honors English)

Tutoring Days/Times: Mon.-Wed. 3-5pm and Fri. 3-5pm

Corey Clark (Personal Development)

Tutoring Days/Times: Tues. 3-4pm (other days by appointment)

Sam Sohn (Algebra 1)

Tutoring Days/Time: Mon.-Fri. 7:20am-8am and

everyday at lunch

10th Grade Quest Teachers

Keenan Smith (Honors English)

Tutoring Days/Times: Mon.-Thurs. by appointment

Karen Lucas (Geometry)

Tutoring Days/Times: Tues. 3-4pm

Crystal Kreisel (Chemistry)

Tutoring Days/Times: Mon. and Wed. 3-4pm (other days by appointment)

Kristen Mazzola (AP World History)

Tutoring Days/Times: Fri. 3-3:30pm

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