Year 1: Intro to Photography

Beginning Digital Photography is a course in which students will learn the history of photography, how to operate a professional dslr camera, learn Photoshop and begin to acquire the skills needed to enter the photography industry. This course will educate students on the artists that shaped photography into the industry that it is today. The students will develop the vocabulary and verbal communication skills needed to professionally critique and analyze photography by using the elements of art and principles of design. Through hands on camera experience, the students will learn to create aesthetically and compositionally interesting work. The students will learn the importance of natural light in different environments and how to shape light. Students will expand their knowledge by working in a digital lab environment. The students will learn photography workflow, adobe software and post-image production.

Year 2: Honors Photography

In year 2 of Photography, the class is a weighted honors course and students will continue to expand their knowledge of a dslr camera and their editing skills. The students will be challenged on a weekly basis to take their skills learned from year one and apply them to higher level of assignments that will help them problem solve and expand their creativity. Students are expected to have a DSLR camera at all times in and outside of the classroom. DSLR cameras are available for rent for year 2 students. Students will be expected to pre-conceptualize their ideas and to also reflect on finished work. Students will create a website that will be updated weekly and act as their digital portfolio showcasing their work and begin to work on creating a photography business plan. Second semester, students will learn how to use strobes, artificial lighting and light modifiers in a studio setting. Students will continue perfecting their editing and retouching skills and apply them to printed photographs that will be displayed at the end of the year in their photography exhibition.

Year 3: AP 2-D Art & Design: Photography

In the third year of Digital Photography, the class is a weighted AP class and will be rigorous. Instead of a traditional AP written test at the end of the year, students will work hard all year to produce works of art to submit to the AP College Board in May for grading and to earn college credit. If a student passes the portfolio process, they will earn their 2D Design credit. Students will continue perfecting their editing and retouching skills and apply them to printed photographs that will be displayed at the end of the year in their photography exhibition. Students will also work to prepare their digital and printed portfolios for the AP College Board. Second year may require a minimum of 4 hours a week outside of class, to be successful.

Year 4: Pro Photography

In the final Digital Photography course, students will be expected to work more independently and focus on 2-3 ongoing projects outside of school, simultaneously. Year 4 students will meet one on one with the instructor, outside of class, throughout the year, to go over their work. During class, students will have time to edit and work on their projects with the instructor’s feedback. Year 4 students will offer their knowledge to year 2 & 3 students by giving feedback, suggestions, and offer help during class time. Year 4 students are expected to explore and research photographers, artists and techniques and experiment with new ideas. They will dig deeper into photoshop and dslr cameras. They will be expected to write short photo essays and explore alternative photographic techniques. Students will also be expected to visit photography exhibits every quarter. Year 4 students will be pulled throughout the year to help around the school for any photographic needs as well as work for the school yearbook. Year 4 students will be the highlight of the end of the year photography exhibit and will need to print their own work for the show in May. Year 4 students may also take a Photography Course at Palomar and receive their high school credit. An internship is another possibility for a year 4 student.