#ChallengeAccepted (AP/H)

​#AP Strong: Challenge Accepted Academic Supports

AP Ambassadors and Excalibur Knights are committed to supporting fellow Knights as they embark on rigorous quests to academically challenge themselves. This site has a variety or resources to assist students on their academic quests.

Challenge Accepted Support and Tutoring:

  • Do you want to talk about your AP/H experience with others that are going through or have gone through similar challenges?
  • Do you want to share innovative study strategies that work with others in AP/H?
  • Do you want to a place where others have accepted the challenge of taking an AP/H course?

Come to #Challenge Accepted Hosted by Excalibur Knights and AP Ambassadors most Tuesday mornings (late start days) room 233.
Tuesday Tutoring will start Semester 2 on February 5
Click Here for the Schedule and Subjects Serviced Each Tuesday